Hardware industry

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Applied to the hardware industry mainly includes:

①Lock category: exterior door lock, handle lock, drawer lock, ball door lock, glass window lock, electronic lock, chain lock, anti-theft lock, bathroom lock, padlock, etc.;

②Doors and windows: rails, bolts (bright, dark), door suction, ground suction, floor springs, door clamps, door closers, board pins, etc.;

③Construction hardware: stainless steel pipe, rivet, cement nail, advertising nail, mirror nail, expansion bolt, self-tapping screw, goods support tool, hacksaw, hand saw blade, pliers, screwdriver (word, cross), tape measure, etc.;

④Kitchen, home appliance hardware: kitchen cabinet pendant, sink, sink faucet, scrubber, range hood, gas stove, oven, water heater, pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank, gas heating stove, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, etc.。